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How to select a proper thermal-flow nozzle

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: Oct 16, 2018

                   How to select a proper thermal-flow nozzle?

   The selection of hot runner nozzles is mainly influenced by the following points: product quality, product design, plastic raw material, mold, cycle time, gate, nozzle, runner, temperature controller and performance of injection molding machine, etc.Once we have a good understanding of these, we can choose the appropriate hot runner nozzle for them.Here's a brief look at those elements:

1. Product weight: products of different weights have different requirements for hot runner.But whether it's a large bumper or a small bottle blank, we can easily design the right hot runner system.

2. Plastic raw materials: different plastic raw materials have different processing variables, and those processing variables will affect the selection of hot runner system.

3. Mold: what is the number of image cavities?What is the nozzle distribution distance?What kind of materials are processed?And so on these are the mold elements related to the heat channel system.

4. Cycle cycle: rapid production cycle means the improvement of nozzle requirements.For example, the nozzle must transfer heat accurately and be durable.

5. Gate: for the point gate, in order to maintain good thermal balance during each molding cycle, the heat flow tip must have the function of melting material and cooling seal.The valve gate is mechanically closed.

6. Nozzles: generally, nozzles can be distinguished according to size, temperature distribution, physical characteristics, materials used (copper, steel, etc.), as well as maintenance difficulty and price.

7. Flow channel: the use of hot runner system avoids the generation of material handle, thus saving the material and eliminating the previous process of removing the material handle by hand, mechanical hand or other means.

8. Temperature control: each nozzle must be connected with a relatively complex temperature controller

9. Performance of injection molding machine: it can install molds of a given size, provide sufficient clamping force, operate according to the requirement of cycle time, plasticize enough materials, etc

10. Product design: generally speaking, we all know that product design is completed first, but the final molding is completed in the mold of hot runner.In order to ensure that the finished product has a smooth appearance and is easy to mold, those factors must be considered in the structural design of the product.

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