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What Is The Parting Of Plastic Injection Mold?

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: Jul 10, 2017

In the planning of Plastic Injection Mold, in some commodity plans have been specified, but in many of the mold planning by the mold planners to set. Generally speaking, in the plane on the face of the face than simple disposal, and sometimes encountered three-dimensional way of the sub-surface should pay special attention. The selection of the parting surface should follow the following guidelines:

1. Does not affect the appearance of finished products, especially for the appearance of a clear requirement of finished products, should pay attention to the appearance of the face of the impact;

2. is conducive to ensuring the accuracy of finished products;

3. conducive to mold processing, especially cavity processing;

4. conducive to pouring system, exhaust system, cooling system planning;

5. is conducive to the demoulding of finished products to ensure that the finished product to stay in the mold side of the mold;

6. Easy to insert the device.

Plastic Injection Mold on the diversion channel has the following six requirements

1. Plastic flow through the bypass when the pressure loss and temperature loss is small.

2. Shunt channel curing time should be later in the finished product curing time, in order to facilitate the transmission and pressure pressure.

3. Ensure that the plastic quickly and evenly into the various cavities.

4. The length of the diversion channel should be as short as possible and its volume should be small.

5. To facilitate processing and tool selection.

6. Each section of the channel than the next section of the flow channel 10-20% or so.

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