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What Is The Characteristics Of The Extrusion Blowing Mold?

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: Jun 28, 2017

Blowing Mold made of material must have high thermal conductivity and sufficient cutting edge cutting edge strength. The current aluminum 70/75 is the production of most of the mold with the advanced alloy. As the machinability of the metal is good, the mold cavity is usually machined. Po copper alloy mold also has high heat resistance and good corrosion resistance. However, its high cost, expensive, and because of its weight three times the aluminum, may be more serious in the molding machine wear. Po steel alloy mold easy to use welding or mosaic method repair.

Blowing of molds When the parts are Blowing Mold, the mold must be vented in order to allow the gas to escape quickly. The most common and economical exhaust method is surface exhaust. Deep sandblasting or texture treatment of the mold cavity also contributes to exhaust. Another important reason for exhausting (for those parts where plastic must be blown into tightly narrow spaces) is to show the details.

Extrusion Blowing Mold has the following characteristics.

(1) extrusion Blowing Mold, in addition to double-wall products and other special mold, only the negative mold cavity, do not set the male mold.Compared with other plastic products used in the mold, the structure is much simpler.

(2) because the mold structure is not a male mold, you can inflate the molding belt with deep depression, complex shape of plastic products.

(3) mold cavity without melt flow path, parison into the mold and then closed mold. Parison melt to rely on compressed air expansion to fill the cavity.

(4) Compared with the injection mold, extrusion Blowing Mold cavity under low pressure, the use of light material manufacturing mold, cavity without hardening treatment. Mold cost is relatively low.

(5) can be continuous production, high production efficiency, you can create large-size products;

(6) can produce different products of cross-section;

(8) Extruder head and granulator can be granulated with the granulation of the extruder and the granulator,

(9) small footprint, clean production environment.

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