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How To Solve The Problem Of Shrinkage And Shrinkage Of Die Casting

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: Jul 10, 2017

Die casting and other casting parts shrinkage problem is a common phenomenon, there is no way to completely solve this problem? The answer should be yes, but what will it be?

1. Die casting shrinkage phenomenon of the reasons for the existence of shrinkage

There are only one reason for the phenomenon of shrinkage and shrinkage of the die casting, which is due to the fact that the solidification of the die casting is cooled from the outside to the inside due to the shrinkage of the phase transition when the molten metal is solidified from the liquid phase to the solid phase, When the casting wall thickness is large, the internal inevitably produce shrinkage shrinkage problem

Therefore, the die casting, especially in the thick die castings, the existence of shrinkage shrinkage problem is inevitable, can not be resolved.

2. The only way to solve the problem of shrinkage of die casting

Die casting shrinkage problem, can not be completely resolved from the die-casting process itself, to completely solve this problem, can only go beyond the process, or from outside the system to find a solution.

What is this approach?

From the process principle, it is only a kind of natural physical phenomenon that we can not reverse this kind of natural phenomenon, and it is only a kind of natural phenomenon that we can not reverse this kind of natural phenomenon. Law, but can only follow its laws to solve this problem.

3. Two ways of filling

There are two ways to fill the casting, one is the natural shrinkage, one is forced to fill.

To achieve the natural filling, our casting process system, we must have to achieve the "solidification" of the process measures.Many people intuitively thought that the use of low-pressure casting method can solve the shrinkage of the casting shrinkage, but the fact Is not the case.Using low-pressure casting process, does not mean that can solve the shrinkage of the casting shrinkage defects, if the low-pressure casting process system is not equipped with the filling process measures, then the low-pressure casting means to produce rough , It is possible that one hundred percent of the existence of shrinkage shrinkage defects.

Because of the characteristics of the die-casting process itself, it is more difficult and complicated to set up the natural "sequential solidification" process measures.The most fundamental reason may also be that the "sequential solidification" process measures require a longer casting Of the solidification time, which, with the die-casting process itself a bit contradictory.

The most important feature of forced coagulation is the shortening time of solidification, generally only one-fourth or less of the "sequential solidification". Therefore, on the basis of the die-casting process system, the additional filling process is Characteristics of the adaptation, can be a good solution to the shrinkage of die casting problems.

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