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Causes And Elimination Of Bracking Of Die Casting

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: Jul 10, 2017

Scratched or called the strain is caused by sticky mold, it was called pull marks, stick mold scars and so on.

Main performance: along the direction of stripping, due to metal adhesion, die-casting mold manufacturing slope is too small to cause the surface of the die casting traces of injury, serious as a wound surface.

Summary of the reasons:

1. The slope of the core, the wall is too small or the inclination appears.

2. Core, type wall with pressure scars.

3. Aluminum alloy adhesive mold.

4. The Die Casting is tilted or the core axis is skewed.

5. The surface of the wall is rough.

6. Coatings are often sprayed.

7. Aluminum alloy in the iron content of less than 0.6%.

Elimination and solution:

1. Correct the mold to ensure the manufacturing slope.

2. Light indentation.

3. Reasonable design of the pouring system to avoid the metal flow hedging core type wall, appropriate to reduce the filling speed.

4. Correct the mold structure.

5. Lighting the surface.

6. Paint the amount of thin and uniform, can not leak paint.

7. Appropriate increase in iron content.

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