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Cause Analysis Of Blackening Of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Surface

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: Jun 28, 2017

Aluminum oxide processing Aluminum alloy casting is generally made of metal casting, metal aluminum and aluminum alloy has a good mobility and plasticity, but in the process of easy to black, in the end how is it?

1. Process design is unreasonable. Aluminum alloy die casting in the cleaning or pressure inspection after improper handling, for the aluminum alloy Die Casting mold to create the conditions of black, accelerated the formation of mildew.

2. Warehouse management is not in place. Aluminum alloy die casting stored in the warehouse at different heights, the moldy situation is also different.

3. Internal factors of aluminum alloy. A lot of aluminum die casting manufacturers in the Die Casting, machining processes, do not do any cleaning treatment, or simply flush with water, can not be completely cleaned, Die Casting aluminum surface residual mold release agent, cutting fluid, saponification and other corrosive Substances and other stains, these stains to speed up the aluminum Die Casting temperature of the moldy black.

4. Aluminum external environmental factors. Aluminum is an active metal, in a certain temperature and humidity conditions easily oxidized black or mildew, which is determined by the characteristics of aluminum itself.

5. Use cleaning agent should not be. Selection of cleaning agents with strong corrosive, resulting in corrosion corrosion of Die Casting aluminum.

 Aluminum alloy Die Casting products are mainly used for electronics, automobiles, motors and some communications industry, of course, the main purpose or in some parts of the equipment, we die in the aluminum alloy need to pay attention to those?

1, consider the issue of stripping,

2, consider the aluminum alloy Die Casting wall thickness of the problem, the thickness of the gap over the General Assembly on the impact of filling

3, in the structure as far as possible to avoid lead to the structure of the complex structure of the mold, had to use a number of core or spiral core

4, some die casting appearance may have special requirements, such as fuel injection

5, the design takes into account the mold problem, if there are multiple positions of the core, try to put both sides, it is best not to put the next core, so a long time under the aluminum Die Casting core will be a problem.

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