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What is the function of gate?Why is the small diameter gate

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: May 07, 2018

              What is the function of gate?Why is the small diameter gate?

   The gate is a short passage between the shunt channel and the cavity joint.The effect is to accelerate the flow rate into the cavity and fill the cavity in order.At the same time, when the product cools and contracts, it is also needed to fill in some of the melting materials to ensure the molding quality of the products.The advantages of gate diameter less than shunt diameter are as follows.

   The melting material flows through here, the friction drag increases, the velocity is fast, the melting material temperature rises, the apparent viscosity drops.

   The product is cooled and contracted, and the time used for melting is shortened.

   Small pore diameter, fast solidification speed, shorten product molding cycle.

   It can be used to balance the pressure of molten material in the diverging channel, so that the melt is close to the mold cavity at the same time.

   The residue at the gate is easy to repair.

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