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What does the injection mold structure CAD include

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: May 09, 2018

                 What does the injection mold structure CAD include?

(1) the geometric modeling of injection molding products is generated in the computer to generate the geometric model of injection products, and the geometric modeling system can be used for the wire frame modeling, surface modeling and solid modeling.

(2) the shape of the cavity surface is generated in the injection mold. The cavity is used to produce the outer surface of the product, and the core is used to generate the inner surface of the product.

(3) the design of the mould structure scheme by using the computer software to calculate the optimal number of cavity, to guide the mould designer layout cavity, gating system, cooling system and institutions, to choose standard set die set and design, mold assembly drawing.

(4) the choice of standard mould base by using the computer software to design the mould is the premise of mould standardization as much as possible, including mould standardization, standardization of mold parts, structure, standardization and standardization of process parameters, etc.

(5) the formation of block diagrams and assembly diagram according to the selected standard mould base and the cavity layout has been completed, the mold design software interactively guide mold designers generate mold parts diagram and assembly drawing.

(6) mold design software can guide users to complete the design, drawing and dimensioning of mold parts according to the mold parts drawing, general assembly drawing and corresponding graphics library.

(7) the calculation of mold parts and the design software of check mold can be used for theoretical calculation.

Combined with the effective design experience, the mould design is provided with the die zero.

A comprehensive calculation and check to verify the mold structure and other relevant parameters.

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