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What are the effects of pouring runner and working conditions

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: May 07, 2018

             What are the effects of pouring runner and working conditions?

   Pouring flow channel role, mainly is the injection of molten material from the nozzle, use the shortest possible time, faster velocity, smooth transmission, full of everywhere in the cavity, the injection pressure at the same time with the equilibrium melting to each part of the cavity, to ensure that the products smoothly.

   The working conditions of the pouring runner are as follows.

   The distance of each runner in the pouring system should be shortened as far as possible.

   The flow path is free, the resistance of molten material is small, and the temperature loss is reduced, but the temperature can not be broken up.

   To facilitate the discharge of air in the cavity;

   The residue trace of the gate does not affect the appearance of the product;

   The front end of the melt material can not enter into the cavity to avoid affecting the quality of the products.6. Each port must have certain taper (generally for 2 ° ~ 4 °), with convenient products material handle when stripping away.

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