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What are the design procedures and key points of injection mould

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: May 10, 2018

          What are the design procedures and key points of injection mould?

   During the design of plastic injection mold, the design procedure and design elements are as follows:

1) study and analyze the design of product parts, master the purpose, use and appearance requirements of the plastic parts, assembly accuracy, and confirm the allowed gate and flying position;And to understand the plastic variety and its molding process.

2) select the injection machine specification and model.

3) according to the specifications of the production batch and injection machine and the shape and size of the plastic parts, a mold can be made out of several plastic parts and position arrangement schemes.

4) determine the mold structure plan.In the determination, several types of mold structure can be conceived to analyze and compare, and finally a mold structure that is easy to manufacture, easy to operate and ensure the quality of molded parts.

5) the following injection process parameters shall be approved: according to the size of the plastic parts and the specified number of conditions, the capacity of the approved injection machine is appropriate;To calculate the cavity pressure and check the locking force of the injection machine;The specification of the standard die frame which is suitable for the surface of the injection machine is selected, and the number of molds can be accommodated by the approved mold frame, and the mounting and fixing methods of the die frame are considered.

After the above calculation and verification, if not suitable, the mold structure plan should be adjusted or reconfirmed.

6) select the launch mechanism.Must design reasonable, cannot make plastic deformation.It is necessary to check the opening distance of the injection machine to remove the plastic parts.

7) the positioning method of the mold in the injection machine, including the diameter of the positioning hole, the diameter of the nozzle hole and the diameter of the nozzle sphere, etc.

8) drawing the general assembly drawing of the mold:

Draw the center line of the mould and the main view of the mould and the outline of the side view.Determine the parting surface of the moving die and the die, and ensure that the molded parts remain on the side of the moving die.

The position of the plastic parts and the moving die, the model core, the runner and the gate position are drawn.

The position of plastic parts, moving die core, sprue and cooling water channel are drawn on the moving mode projective plane, and the orientation hole, reposition rod hole, push rod hole and fixing screw and pin hole position are arranged.The assembly relation of each part is represented on the main view.When you have a core, draw it at the same time.

Fill in title bar and technical requirements.

9) calculate and check the necessary strength and rigidity of each part of the mold, and revise or strengthen it if not in time.

10) draw the drawing of each part, make the necessary calculation for the forming dimension of the forming part, and label the tolerances, surface quality and technical requirements.

11) proofread, review and make necessary modifications.

12) complete the design, drawing, proofreading or checking and signing.

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