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Edit: ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 03, 2017

The plastics used in injection molding are polymers - chemicals - either thermosetting or thermoplastic. Thermosetting plastics are set by the application of heat or through a catalytic reaction. Once cured, they cannot be remelted and re-used - the curing process is chemical and irreversible. Thermoplastics, however, can be heated, melted and re-used.

Thermosetting plastics include epoxy, polyester and phenolic resins, whilst thermoplastics include nylon and polyethylene. There are almost twenty thousand plastic compounds available for injection molding, which means that there is a perfect solution for almost any molding requirement.

Glass is not a polymer, and so it does not fit the accepted definition of thermoplastic - though it can be melted and recycled.

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