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The use of automobile die has several big performance

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: Oct 19, 2018

                 The use of automobile die has several big performance

1. Good chemical stability: most plastics have good acid, alkali, salt, water and gas resistance. Under general conditions, they do not react with these substances.

2. Higher specific strength and higher specific stiffness: the absolute strength of plastics is not as high as that of metals, but the density of plastics is small, so the specific strength (i.e.In particular, a variety of high-strength fiber, sheet, and powder metal or non-metal fillers made of reinforced plastics, its strength and stiffness than metal.

3. Small density: small density of plastic is of great significance for reducing weight and energy saving of mechanical equipment, especially for vehicles, ships, planes and spacecraft.

4. Good electrical insulation, insulation and sound insulation.

5. Good molding and coloring performance.6. Strong bonding ability.

7. Good abrasion resistance and self-lubrication: the plastic has small friction coefficient, good abrasion resistance, good self-lubrication, and higher strength, and small transmission noise. It can work effectively in the condition of liquid medium, semi-dry or even dry friction.It can be made into bearing, gear, CAM and pulley machine parts, very suitable for low speed, load.

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