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The principle of sliding injection molding of blow-bottle mold is briefly described

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: Oct 22, 2018

           The principle of sliding injection molding of blow-bottle mold is briefly described

   Mould sliding injection molding is a two-step injection molding method developed by Japanese steels for manufacturing hollow products.The principle is: first, the hollow product is divided into two parts, and two parts are injected separately to form semi-finished products, and then the two semi-finished products and molds slide to the joint position.After the second moulding, the plastic melt (the second injection) was injected at the joint of the two parts of the product, and the complete hollow product was finally obtained.Compared with blow molding products, this technology has the advantages of good surface quality, high dimensional accuracy, uniform wall thickness and large design freedom.

   In manufacturing complex shape of hollow products, die slide injection molding in compared with the ultrasonic welding of the advantage is: do not need to remove semi-finished products from the mold, thus can avoid the semi-finished products in the mold cooling caused by exogenous product shape and precision of the drops, also can avoid welding process caused by local stress and reduce the strength of weld.

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