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The difference between hot runner and cold runner

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: Oct 17, 2018

                   The difference between hot runner and cold runner

   The hot runner is a way to keep the plastic in the runner and the gate molten by heating.The hot runner system is generally composed of hot nozzles, diverging plates, temperature control boxes and accessories.Hot nozzles generally include two types: open hot nozzles and needle valve hot nozzles.The hot runner system is usually divided into open hot runner system and needle valve hot runner system because the hot jet form directly determines the selection of hot runner system and the manufacture of die.

   The cold runner system will cause waste every time the mold is opened. When injection molding parts are made, the multi-cavity cold runner system will cause a lot of waste of raw materials, which severely damages the mold maker's profit margin.The advantage of the cold runner is that it is easy to use and can well meet some aesthetic requirements.The cold runner can be used to reduce the injection of transparent acrylate or polycarbonate parts used for light transmission, and avoid the injection of visible bands in some parts.

   As for the defects of the cold runner, besides the waste of raw materials, the defects of the cold runner include adding steps to the whole automatic or artificial process.Removing the cold runner from the mold requires a robot or worker to separate it from the runner.Depending on the size of the runner, the waste can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially for expensive materials like polycarbonate.

   For systems with more cavities, the cold runner may not be as desirable.In the case of multiple cavities, the amount of plastic in the gate exceeds the amount of the injection molding part.At this time, the cooling time of the gate will exceed the cooling time of the injection molding part, making the circulation time of the mold user controlled by the cooling time of the gate. This kind of processing situation is hardly satisfactory.The hot runner can solve this problem by effectively increasing the total number of individual cavities, as the gate is in a molten state throughout the process

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