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The advantage of hot runner system

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: Jul 31, 2017

(1) no shuikou material, do not need after processing, plastic injection moulding make whole molding process is fully Injection Molder, automated and save the working time, improve work efficiency.


(2) pressure wastage. Hot runnet temperature and temperature, injection molded partsinjection molding machine shoot mouth equal plastic mold manufacturer, avoided raw materials in the runner inside surface condensate, injection pressure wastage.


(3) shuikou material repeated use can make plastic injection molded,  performance degradation, while the use of hot runner system without shuikou material, plastic mould can reduce raw material loss, thereby reducing the product cost. plastic injection molding In cavities of temperature and pressure evenly, plastics stress small, density, in smaller injection pressure, plastic injection a relatively short period of time, injection molding (plastic mold out than the average injection molding systems and better products. For transparent pieces, thin pieces, injection mould,mold makerlarge plastic parts or high requirement plastics can demonstrate its advantage, injection molds and with small models produce larger products.


(4) hot nozzle adopt standardization and serialization design, plastic mould,with various options for nozzle head, has good compatibility. plastic injection molding The unique design processing of electric heating circle, can achieve heating temperature uniformity and long service life. plastic injection moulding )Hot runner system equipped with heat flux, etc, the design DaoBan thermostat pure Species diversity, use convenient, Injection Mold reliable quality.

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