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Stamping die debugging to achieve the effect

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: Oct 19, 2018

             Stamping die debugging to achieve the effect

   1. Help to determine product forming conditions and process procedures.After stamping dies are produced qualified products through trial stamping and adjustment, they can master and understand the performance of stamping dies, product forming conditions, methods and laws in the process of trial stamping, so as to provide help for the formulation of process rules during mass production of products.

   2. Find problems, solve problems and accumulate experience through debugging, which is helpful for further improvement of stamping.

   3. Stamping die debugging helps to determine the process and some dimensions in stamping die design.For stamping parts with complex shapes or high precision requirements, in the process and stamping die design, there are some sizes that are difficult to be determined by calculation methods, such as the convex and concave corner radius of the drawing die, etc., which can only be determined accurately after the test.

   4. Help to determine the blank shape, size and material standard of formed parts.In stamping die design, some parts with complex shape or high precision are difficult to calculate the size and shape of the blank accurately.In order to obtain more accurate blank shape, size and material standard, only through repeated test can be determined.

   5. The quality of stamping die can be appraised.Verify whether the quality of the product produced by the mold meets the requirements and confirm whether the stamping mold can be delivered for production.

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