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Plastic Injection Molding vs Plastic Machining

Edit: ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd    Date: Apr 18, 2017
source: Katie Gerard

Plastic molding, also known as “injection molding,” and machining plastic components are very different processes. But how are they different? And which process is right for your custom plastic fasteners

During the injection molding process, plastic pellets—rigid when cool but viscous at higher temperatures—are heated to their melting point and then injected into a cavity. As they cool, they harden in that cavity’s shape.

Plastic machining, however, is the process of whittling plastic down from a larger shape—like shaving slivers from a branch with a knife. 

Typically, when you need a few hundred or fewer parts, machining is the answer. At these levels, the cost of creating the mold almost always outweighs the expense of machining. When you’re dealing with larger orders, molding is likely the answer.

when the finished parts are removed from the mold, the gates leave a slight cosmetic imperfection. In addition, most molds use knockout pins to push the part out of the cavity after it cools. These knockout pins leave a slight depression in the place where they contact the part.

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