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Plastic bottle blowing mold processing technology

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: Oct 22, 2018

                    Plastic bottle blowing mold processing technology

1. Selection of tools, selection of cutting parameters and determination of machining time:

Select different tools and suitable milling parameters for different processes.

Rough milling: ball end milling cutter with diameter of 6mm is selected, tooth number of milling cutter is Z=2, processing method of stratified down milling is adopted, each layer of milling amount is ap= o.s. mm, spiral cutter from the outside out, spindle speed n=15000r/min, feed speed f=0.075mm/ Z, machining allowance is LMM.

2. Process analysis and cutter path form

The processing part is a workpiece with complex surface. The cylindrical cone and its connecting chamfered surface all have a large cutting amount. Therefore, there are three processes for the processing:

(1) rough milling, the main purpose is to remove a large number of materials;Therefore, the larger cutting feed quantity should be selected. Due to the larger cutting force in the process of cutting, milling should be adopted along the cutting path.By using an inboard spiral cutter, the blanking process can be avoided during cutting, making the whole length of the cutter shorter and reducing the processing time. Meanwhile, the milling process can also be guaranteed to be a cutting milling method.

(2) semi-fine milling. The main purpose is to remove the convex platform caused by rough milling and prepare for finishing.Used in the process of rough mill of layered inward spiral milling, because of the ball head milling cutter radius of themselves, so inevitably there will be a part of the material is not cutting off and produce bump, purpose of this processing step is removed the bump, so planning for reciprocating milling knife road, reciprocating direction along the axis direction, the reciprocating cutter path, can avoid idle when cutting, reduce the auxiliary time processing, at the same time can guarantee the quality of milling.

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