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Mould making

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: Oct 17, 2018

                                Mould making

   In order to produce high quality moulds and in view of the technical level and quality of domestic moulds, the process of making moulds is described as follows for your reference.

I. conditions for making molds

1. Environmental conditions

   Temperature: in the whole process of manufacturing male die and female die should always maintain the same temperature, namely 21 ~ 28 ℃.

Humidity: humidity has a great influence on curing of gel coat and resin. The ideal humidity range is 40~60. If relative humidity exceeds 65 when making molds, it should wait until the appropriate production conditions.

Clean workshop

   In a dirty environment, high quality molds cannot be produced. The manufacturing area of Yin and Yang molds should be highly clean and have higher maintenance and management standards than the production area of products. Therefore, dust removal and cleaning work should be done in the mold manufacturing area in advance at the beginning of mold manufacturing.

   Clean compressed air

   The clean, dry air supply is another factor in the manufacture of high quality molds. There will be a lot of pinholes and flax spots on the surface of the plasters. Therefore, a lot of labor is needed to repair them.The air compressor needs to be placed in a good environment and equipped with an effective air dryer and oil and water separator.

4. Selection of raw and auxiliary materials

   Choosing high quality raw and auxiliary materials is an important condition for manufacturing high quality moulds.The cost of raw materials used to make molds is a small percentage of the total cost, and the use of resins or out-of-storage materials and inferior materials cannot be attempted at cost savings.

5. Make reasonable time schedule for mold making

   It is one of the factors to make a good mould to arrange a suitable moulding schedule.Whether the traditional layering method is adopted or the new low-shrinkage system is adopted, the required time is determined by the chemical characteristics of these raw materials, and the attempt to take shortcuts or speed up the process will have a bad impact on the quality of the mold.

   Mold spray coating

   The operation process of mold coating is a crucial step in mold manufacturing. It is even conceivable that mold coating is the entire mold.

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