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locking block on the slider

Edit: ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd    Date: Jul 05, 2017
source: Injection Mold Design Tutorial

locking block on the slider

Locking back on the slider.JPGillustration picture above shows the angular pins are bolted to the mold base and the mold base made pocket instead of locking block,

Locking back on the slider 2.JPGto keep the process easy to do maintenance, should be installed oil slide plate, so when it can wear easily replaced without the need to change their plate slider block.
This model is widely used for large parts and molds with a tonnage greater than 350 tons, other advantage is the size of the mold base to be more compact and small, so the cost for the mold base can also be reduced, and if the size is smaller base can mold into tonnase also smaller

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