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Lifting bolts hole design in injection mold

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: May 16, 2017

Plate transfer process occurs during the machining and assembly of mold, both for the cavity and mold base plate, especially for the plate with a weight greater than 20 kg, threaded hole necessary to facilitate the transfer process. cause may be in a mold plate having a various of machining processes with different types of machines. Base on position of hole the type of lifting bolts can divided became two, perpendicular to face, and parallel with face of plate.perpendicular to facebeside transfer process, lifting bolts also important for lift out cavity insert from mold base, flat wide plate usually use magnet to lift from one machine to another machine or station, but if shape of plate doesn’t flat it need bolts hole to attach eye bolts, then use crane that connected to eye bolts for lifting the mold base plate or cavity plate.
Parallel with mold face.Especially for mold base, this hole must available because transfer mold base usually use eye bolt that connected to crane, for mold base plate that use horizontal machining also use this hole to connected with crane, picture below shown mold base with metric bolt hole and eye bolts ready for transfer with crane.

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