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How to improve the material utilization rate of stamping parts

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: Dec 30, 2018

For precision stamping parts, material utilization of the same precision stamping parts reflect the technological level and the level of technology of stamping combining with actual application, from process optimization, material size optimization, waste recycling, coil weight increase aspects introduces the method to improve the utilization ratio of auto precision stamping materials, through the practical application of the above methods, improve the technology, technical level, to provide good reference for subsequent project process design.

Method to improve the utilization ratio of material a lot, more methods need to verify through practice, such as punching blanking, covering parts existing line instead of a knife or circular knife knife, wave by changing the shape of the slab, shorten the slab length, thus improve the material utilization, this method requires accounting tooling investment, maintenance cost and improve the material utilization of benefit relations.In a word, to improve the material utilization rate is to reduce the complete cost of the whole vehicle. When making the plan to improve the material utilization rate, the relationship between investment cost and income should be considered in combination with the vehicle production.

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