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How to control mold temperature

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: May 09, 2018

               How to control mold temperature?

   Under normal circumstances, the mould temperature is controlled in the range of 40 ~ 50 ℃.After the product is removed, it should be placed at a certain temperature for a certain period of time. The purpose is to make the chemical reaction complete and obtain.

   Good products.When foaming in the injection mold, the product should be prepared in a higher temperature environment with the die before the mold is removed.The higher the curing temperature, the shorter the time required.Not fully cooked, foam products are not as strong as they should be.The raw material is different in shape and size, and the curing time and temperature are different.The raw materials with good curing properties are not large and can be removed in a few minutes.Some larger products take more than ten minutes to remove.

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