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Die - casting steel

ABIS Mold Technology Co.,Ltd Updated: Oct 15, 2018

                        Die - casting steel

   Used for aluminum alloy, copper alloy die-casting mold material selection are 3 cr2w8v steel, the steel alloying elements containing Cr, W, can increase the critical temperature and thermal fatigue resistance, high temperature with excellent mechanical properties, working temperature of 650 ℃ can keep the original hardness of qualified casting metal impact and abrasion.As a result of chromium can form oxide film.Therefore, the addition of chromium not only increases the strength, but also prevents the casting of metal on the surface of the mold cavity, so as to improve its finish and prolong its service life.The addition of vanadium element can improve the thermal stability in high temperature again, but the thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance of steel is still cannot meet the requirements, if in order to reduce the carbon content to improve the performance and affect the wear resistance of steel and strength, so you can from the chemical heat treatment, such as low temperature oxidation, soft nitriding surface infiltration of C - N form alloy nitride layer, can prevent casting metal bonding in cavity maintain its bright and clean degree, improve the thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.In addition, the compressive stress state in the oxide layer can improve its strength and delay cracking tendency, so as to make up for the deficiency of the steel.It can also improve the heat conductivity and corrosion resistance of the mold and prevent the metal from sticking.

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