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Office Supplies

Free Price Plastic Injection Molding

Free Price Plastic Injection Molding

As our customer. your plastic injection mouldings will be manufactured using the most cost effective production methods. Our extensive range of injection moulding machines means that most custom moulding requirements can be met. Abis Mold has the capability to produce injection mouldings

Our QA department contains an extensive range of fully calibrated measuring equipment including a Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) and an Optical Measuring Machine, for precise measuring of production parts where tight tolerances are called for.

Our ERP system covers our entire operation providing full traceability.  This not only ensures consistency of all your injection moulding requirements but also means we can keep track of the progress of your order through all the stages of production.  In the unlikely event you should experience any problems with your plastic products or components we can check back to see when it was moulded, on which machine, which batch of material was used and even the names of the people who worked on the order!

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